Justice Tribune Foundation


  1. The Justice Tribune Foundation enables the publication of the International Justice Tribune and related publications in the field of international justice and to maintain the archives of The International Justice Tribune in order to allow future generations to make continued use of its archives.  
  2. To support, facilitate and further develop independent journalism in the field of international law, international criminal law and transitional justice in the broadest sense of the word.
  3. Promoting the distribution of independent journalistic information and debate, as well as to enhance journalistic expertise about international justice; and to engage in any activity related to this. and/or conducive thereto is  a further objective. Not included in this objective are payments to the founders or those involved in the foundation’s bodies
  4. The Justice Tribune Foundation is a non-profit organization and works towards the common good. It seeks to achieve its objectives through various means such as organizing training, courses and other educational activities and the protection and exploitation of intellectual property.


Subscribers to the International Justice Tribune are automatically supporting the objectives of the Justice Tribune Foundation.

Apart from subscribing it is possible to make separate donations to the Foundation.

Donations can be transferred by bank to:
Justice Tribune Foundation, Bussum, The Netherlands
Bank: NL36ABNA0454970846 / BIC: ABNANL2A

Thank you in advance for supporting independent reporting on international justice worldwide in the broadest sense of the word.

The Justice Tribune Foundation reports on its financial operations and status on a yearly basis. The first report is due in spring 2015

Board, rules and contact

  1. The board of the Justice Tribune Foundations consists of three or more natural persons.
    - The number of its members is determined by the board.
    - A board that is not quorate retains its powers.  
    - The board may appoint from its midst a chairperson, a secretary and a treasurer.
    - A board member may hold more than one of these positions.
  2. Board members of the Justice Tribune Foundation are appointed by the board.
    - Vacant seats are filled as soon as possible, but under no circumstances later than three months after the seat falls vacant.
  3. Board members are appointed for an indefinite period
  4. All board members are eligible to receive remuneration for the costs made within reason while performing their duties. The board may award attendance money to one or more of its members as remuneration. Board members receive no salary for the performance of their duties
  5. For daily operations the board enters into engagement agreements with two or more professionals.
  6. The board of the Justice Tribune Foundation consists of:

Chairman: Mr. Olivier Ribbelink
Treasurer/Secretary: Mr. Michiel Huisman
Member: Ms. Nanci Adler

Justice Tribune Foundation
The Netherlands
RSIN: 8526.11.390